Bourgogne 1.0

No Image Free screensaver of a wonderful and hidden gem of France. Burgundy, one of the most lovely, verdant and breathtaking areas of France, is quite often overlooked. Burgundy is not far from France’s capital, Paris, but some would say it is the opposite of a big city. The region of Burgundy is 96% undeveloped land, which means it’s mostly natural forests, lakes, streams, rivers and massive areas of green hills, valleys and endless beauty.

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France I screensaver 1.0

Screensaver with fotos taken in france. Some pictures show mountains and the beautiful landscape of france.

city, rock, mountain, grafiti, landscape, culture

car rental france toolbar 1.0: car rental france toolbar for all your car rental needs
car rental france toolbar 1.0

car rental france toolbar for all your car rental needs also includes free online car games

rental, france

Schmap France 2.0: Travel Guides for 9 French Cities, including Paris, Cannes and Nice
Schmap France 2.0

Schmap France contains travel guides for 9 popular French cities (including Paris, Cannes and Nice), together with the Schmap Player, a small piece of software that brings them to life. Each guide comes with dynamic maps, useful links, playable tours, top picks, plus photos and reviews for 100s of attractions, restaurants, shops, museums, parks... Schmap`s full series of worldwide travel guides is available for free download at

mapping, city, travel, city guides, france, travel guides

Flash Maps France Departments 1.0: France maps. Clickable and Zoomable! Customizable Hotspots and Tooltips!
Flash Maps France Departments 1.0

Interactive France departments flash maps. Features:- Driven by XML interface; - Color, URL linking, captions and more. And you can do all these; - Intuitive Flash Map Interface; - Customizable Hotspots and Tooltips; - Ease of Use; - Customizations via an XML file, no Flash source modifications required; - Any settings can be done using external XML file; - Zoom and Pan tools;

interactive, maps, france, departments, flash

Amazing France Screensaver 1.1: Welcome to France, the Middle Ages. The image presented by a very old castle.
Amazing France Screensaver 1.1

Welcome to France, the Middle Ages. The image presented by a very old castle. He has already outlived her, and now is only suitable for the role of the exhibit. Nevertheless, he is very handsome. They say there have seen a ghost. Want to take a stroll through the castle of ghosts? Then forward to the meeting of adventure.

free 3d screensaver, beauty, amazing france screensaver, screensaver, free screensaver

YellowPageRobot France Edition 0.88k: From web page to database in one click aspirateur pages jaunes France
YellowPageRobot France Edition 0.88k

Direct Marketing Tool. YellowPageRobot-FR-PJ captures data from web pages (pages jaunes France) and saves it to Excel. Free version.

aspirateur, france, web scraper, pages jaunes

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